We now have a dedicated area to carry out bike fitting. Along with a good selection handlebars, stems and saddles to try.

What’s the process?
Step 1

We will have a discussion surrounding your current riding postion / style. Note any issues / problems you are currently having. Also taking into consideration any medical conditions that may affect how the bike needs to be set up.
Step 2

Conduct a full current measurment of your bike before any changes are made. This is important to do, so that any difference can be shown in the before and after report.
Step 3

We will begin with shoe / cleat set up. Moving on to the saddle height and saddle selection / placement. Once we know the back end of the bike is set up for you, we will then move onto the reach. This will include checking stem lengths, handlebar widths along with making sure the gear/brake levers are correctly positioned.
Step 4

A complete overview will be conducted to make sure any changes made all make sense and work for you.
Step 5

Finishing up the final measurements. Noting down all changes so a full report can be written up and sent to you after the fitting session.

What’s the Cost?

BUT WAIT, That’s not all

As part of the bike fit process we will get you back in for a follow up check. This is to make sure any changes made are working for you.

If any additional changes are needed, we will do this for you.